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  Refrigerator and Freezer Test Room
  Product Code:   Refrigerator and Freezer Test Room
1. tested type:refrigerator、freezer and household refrigerator-freezer
2. dry-bulb temperature range:-5 ~ 50 ℃,±0.3 ℃
3. relative humidity range:45 ~ 85% RH,±3% RH
4. temperature uniformity(no load
The room is designed for users to determine the performance of the refrigerator and freezer. In the test room, the air temperature and humidity are controlled accurately, it conforms to standard GB/T 8059.1 and GB/T 8059.4

Test Items
1. Cooling Speed Test
2. Storage Temperature Test
3. Energy Consumption Test
4. Ice-making Capacity Test
5. Defrosting Test
6. Temperature Rise of Load Time
7. Freezing Capacity Test
8. Dew Test
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Company Name:Jiang Su Tengke Conteol Equipment Co.,Ltd
Contact Person:Jack Ou
Company Phone:86 - 0510 83479298
Company Fax:86 - 0510-83479299
Company Address:NO.126,xilu zhong Road


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