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  Automatic three component gas mixing devices
  Product Code:   Automatic three component gas mixing devices
Main technical Parameters
1) Gas component : H2、N2、C3H8(or C4H10、CH4、liquid gas) three component
2) Maximum gas supply: 5-10m3
PQ-3AD Automatic three component gas mixing devices is special gas mixing equipment for
city gas using. The basic gas is Hydrogen、Nitrogen、Liquefied petroleum gas、other gas. This equipment
mix gas according to each city’s gas percent requirement. Deviation of gas wobbe index is 2%.Mixed gas performance can meet the requirement of GB/T13611-92 (Classification of city gas) stand. Also ,It can assist your burning chamber test such as CE certificate .

PQ-3AD Automatic three component gas mixing devices include control system、 gas distribution System、
Gas accumulator、 anti-backfire device and other parts.
1).core of Control system is single chip microprocessor
2). theory of gas mixing is pressure
3). Control system including its port、sensor、solenoid valve and other parts separately install

4). valve controlled by pneumatic valves
5). Mode of gas reserving is tank
6). anti-backfire device use water closed type

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