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  Pressure measurement type Gas Tightness Detectors
  Product Code:   Pressure measurement type Gas Tightness Detectors
XZM-20A main Performance index
Test pressure range:0-99.99kpa
Pressure test indefiniteness : ± 1%
Pressure test Resolution: 0.01 Kpa( about 1 mmH2O)
Test time: 1-999s (it can Adjust
1. Description of gas tightness detectors
Model: XZM-20A, XZM-20B, XZM-20D, XZM-1000,XZM-1500, XZM-100T(vacuum)
Pressure sensor tests the pressure when there is gas leak. Then calculate leakage through physics equation
XZM-20A gas tightness detector test motor’s sealing performance XZM-20A gas tightness detector test parts of car
2. hardware system
imported pressure sensor 、 micro gas flow Sensor 、Japanese Solenoid valves as key; Microprocessor as technology control core; real-time date collect system; Panel Swift power supply; Digital Signal and acoustic optic signal output .
3. Software system
Input testing program 、set detection index and fixture control Parameters by Panel sift.
LED display all your setting and testing result. Automatically determine qualified or unqualified by Acousto-optic alarm. Automatically Testing program automatic translate testing leakage.
Professional software and hardware design make it with Rich functionality such as
Internal-Outer Control, external drive, bubble leak test. It can connect printer and computer.
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