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  Balanced Ambient Room-Type Calorimeter
  Product Code:   Balanced Ambient Room-Type Calorimeter
The Calorimeter can be utilized by user to determine the cooling and heating capacity of unitary air conditioners and split systems. It provides a method for determining capacity si
Technical Specifications(we manufacture the devices according to users\\\' needs, the following is only for reference)
1.typical test conditions:
condition indoor side(℃) outdoor side(℃)


Rated Cooling 27 19 35 24

Rated Heating 20 <15 7 6

2. cooling capability:1.5 ~ 8 kW
3. heating capability:1.5 ~ 9 kW
4. dry-bulb temperature control accuracy:±0.1 ℃
5. wet-bulb temperature control accuracy:±0.1 ℃
6. repeatability:±1%
7. precision:±2%
8. balance ratio:±2%
9. control modes:manual and auto mode
10.spec:3HP,5HP etc.
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Company Name:Jiang Su Tengke Conteol Equipment Co.,Ltd
Contact Person:Jack Ou
Company Phone:86 - 0510 83479298
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