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Welcome to TradeJewellery.com. In this section, we will let you know how to use our website to increase your chances of sale.

What is TradeJewellery.com?
 TradeJewellery.com is a free online trading platform for jewellery, watches and related businesses. It is a special, custom-designed online trading platform with a very jeweler-friendly interface. TradeJewellery.com members can upload their company info about products to our online database, from raw materials to semi-manufactured goods and finished jewellery, to help the worldwide buyer to find products and business easily.

What make you think we can sell jewellery on the internet without seeing the actual product?
We do not think most of the buyer will place the order because of your beautiful product pictures on TradeJewellery.com. TradeJewellery.com is a place for you to intro your products to new buyer. If the buyer has not chance to see your jewellery products, what make you think they will contact you further for the order? Putting the products in TradeJewellery.com is like print the category in paper. No one will order the jewellery, especially business to business (B2B) trading, because of your beautiful category. The mission of TradeJewellery.com is to giving you the chance to show your product pictures or your company to the worldwide buyer. Showing the product pictures to your potential buyer is the first step of success. And now, we are giving you this step to increase the chance of sale to your company. And remember, if your competitors are searchable while you are not, they are half way closer to the success than you. So what are you waiting now? Let sign up for the free membership!

What is the “Products”, “Selling Leads”, “Buying Requests”, “Companies” and “Trade Shows” sections in TradeJewellery.com?

  1. “Products” section, members will upload their company products to this section. The more products you upload, the more chance of expose you are getting. Also, Gold Member products are listed first and silver and free member products will be listed at the end
  2. “Selling Leads”, this section is similar to the “Product” section, the major different is, in “Selling Leads”, member will upload the message to sell their products. For example, ABC Jewelry Trading Company has some over-stock diamond would like to sell; they will post a “Selling Leads” and mainly sell those over-stock diamond. (Dear EditMyEnglish editor, I cannot express myself very well in English. If you understand this “selling leads” idea, please help me to explain or rewrite it. Thank you!)
  3. “Buying Requests”, this section is for our buyer member to post their “buying requests”, and wait for the correct seller to contact them. However, in this section, only Silver & Gold members are able to access. This is one of the most popular functions to our seller members.
  4. “Companies”, this is a list of our member companies.
  5. “Trade Shows”, this is a coming soon section. We will have some new functions to help our member get more visitors during the trade shows.

Why I should join TradeJewellery.com?

  1. “It is FREE”. TradeJewellery.com bases on free membership. Our member can increase their chance of sale and expose their products globally by using our free membership. Yes, there is free lunch.
  2. “Budget cutting on Trade Shows”, nowadays, especially in 2009, we are facing the global economic depression. Does your company still spending USD$50k for a Trade Show which only is hosted for less than a week? If your company is willing to paying USD$50k for one trade show, but your buyer may not willing (or able) to spend USD$5k to visit the show. And this is the problem. Everyone is trying to spend the money smartly. TradeJewellery.com is an online jewellery trading platform without any borders or time limitations. TradeJewellery.com is absolutely one of the most efficient marketing tools for your business.
  3. “24/7 sale man of your company”, TradeJewellery.com is your most loyalty sale man, “he” presents your products to the global buyer 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. And he does not charge you a single penny. Isn’t it great?
  4. “Speedy information”, nowadays, everyone wants to receive the most update information, and internet is the best way for them to get it. The buyers may not able to wait until the trade show to purchase the products or materials, so, internet will be the best place for those buyers to find the products while them sitting in the office. Do you know why your trade show orders are decreasing? It is because other suppliers take those orders from TradeJewellery.com before the buyers visiting your Booth in the trade shows. So what are you waiting for? Act now! And take the advantage!
  5. “It is the way it is”. Yes, simply, the e-business solution is the trend, and no matter how you much hate it for some reasons. It is going to happen and it will be big. Don’t fall back! Get your Free TradeJewellery.com membership now, and enjoy the tremendous benefits in TradeJewellery.com!

If you have any more questions about TradeJewellery.com, please feel free to contact us at, [email protected]